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KSF Shipping is one of the leading company in Bangladesh rendering various support services to the shipping industry. The Company is in Business since 1980 and during this long years of operation it has been widely known to many foreign national flag carriers for its dedicated service. Our company is staffed by Master Mariners, engineers and other relevant professional in shipping.

Our company specialized in manning and management of ocean going vessels. We have a network of offices and representatives in all sea ports of the country staffed with trained and professional people to attend ship's calling our ports from our various foreign principals. We recruit ship personnel, trained them up and maintaining a short list of the most resourceful manpower who are made readily available to principals as and when needed.

We also work as port agent for our foreign Principals whose vessels call Bangladesh port regularly. Our personnel place themselves at the service of a ship right at the moment it arrives Bangladesh water. All of its & requirements are looked after with devotion ocean round the clock until it sails off.

KSF shipping Services arranges for dry docking, pre-dry docking, repair, post-dry docking afloat repair, afloat maintenance etc. for its Principal.

Of late, KSF extended its operation by stepping into arranging courses on Marine and Tanker safety with the help of professional trained at home and abroad in response to the needs of International shipping.