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Benefits of our services to ship owners:

Twenty eight years of providing these services have given us an insight into government departments and agencies, and the experience and contacts to successfully negotiate on behalf of principals.

Family owned makes us flexible and fast in our decision making, quick to respond to requests and available to principals at any time.

Following are crew selecting policies of our company:

All our officers and crew must possess relevant    certification and experience that satisfy STCW 95 and    concerning Marine Departments.
All our officer & crew must be certified medically fit by a    marine doctor.
All our officers and rating certificates must be    authenticated by the concerning Marine Department.
Background verification and references checking.
All our officers and crew must be able to communicate in    English.
All our officers and crew must be guided by the company’s    existing rules & regulation, and safety policy.

The following documents are required by the Administration prior to accreditation of the owner /Manager and enrolment of the vessel:

Authenticated Manning Agreement.
List of vessels and their particulars, vessel specifications,    including IMO number.
Crew complement of the principal and their corresponding    wage scales.
Other documents which the Administration may deem    necessary.