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To act as an agent

To act as an


Ship Manning:

We supply Ship Owners lManagers with highly qualified and experienced seafarers of all ranks, for all types of vessels, covering both merchant and offshore fleets. We also Manage Vessels by providing that compliments.

Our crew management services include but not limited to:
Recruitment of qualified crewmembers for all types of     vessels and on-shore personnel.
Recruiting marine cadets and graduates for onboard    training and further employment on our Clients' vessels.
Competence evaluation, certificate verification, physical    examinations and drug & alcohol tests, etc.
Applying and providing crew with documents required by    the ship flag state administration.
Working clothes supply upon crew departure If required.


As a licensed shipping agent, KSF Shipping offers excellent port services and ship supplies at very reasonable costs to all ship owners or chatterers for various types of vessels calling at any major port in the Bangladesh. It has proven knowledge and experience in dealing with different government offices more particularly Bangladeshi ports, immigration, and customs to facilitate the processing of the needed documents for vessels calling at Bangladesh ports.
Shipping agency.
Freight Forwarder.
Container Handling.

Ship Repair:

Ship repair, Deck, Eng & Elec..
Dry docking Arrangement/Supervision.
Industrial Repairs & Maintenance.
Inspection & Survey.
Spare Parts Arrangement.
Diesel Gen. Set Supply.
Ultrasonic Gauging

To act as an agent:

On behalf of foreign suppliers & manufactures for imports & marketing of their products. Seek foreign entrepreneurs for setting up new medium /large industry on joint Collaboration in sector of Chemical, Electronics, Engineering or any other project of mutual interest on J.V. basis.